Elected Officials Assist With Hand Up Gala

County Councilman Dale MillerIt was nice to see two elected officials showed up to serve the homeless and hungry at the Hand Up Gala. County Councilman Dale Miller attended and helped to serve.  Also, Ohio House member Marlene Anielski rolled up her sleeves and put on the mandatory hair nets to serve the population.   The purpose of this event is to turn on its head the traditional silent auction conducted by most non-profits.  Instead of having our members dress up and go to a nice dinner to hear a speaker and eat rubbery chicken, we flipped the fundraiser around.  We have a nice meal for 200 of our constituents and served by the politicians who would have normally been speaking at a similar event. 

Roy Love, Board President of NEOCH, served as well, and CEO Patrick  Gareau the President and CEO of Catholic Charities also donated his time to serve the meal. State Rep. Marlene Aneilski  Angela Shuckahose, the Director of CTO volunteered as did social service providers, Jim Schlecht and Toni Johnson.  There were staff and board members from Catholic Charities including Sr. Kathleen and Father Robert J. Kropac of St. Peter's Church next door both assisted with serving the population.  We could never pull this off without the wonderful volunteers who gave of their time to this unique event.  

For those who want to support the Hand Up Gala, you can donate through October 30, 2013 to participate in the auction.   You can send in a donation or right on the website (mark Hand Up Gala in the purpose section.)  The proceeds from the event are split between the two organizations.  The Bishop Cosgrove Center are using their funds to support the Transformational Art Center and we are using our funds for the outreach services that we oversee. I can't say enough about how beautiful the Cosgrove Center was on Friday and how great the food was this year.  We will have more on this in the near future.  Check out the photos on our Facebook page.

Brian Davis

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Hand Up Gala Successful

The fourth annual Hand Up Gala was a tremendous event.  Only WKSU reported from the event unfortunately.  We will have a photo gallery up on our website over the weekend.  We have a special facebook page which has a few photos on it, and we will post a gallery on our regular facebook page.   Below are a few pictures from today's event.  We did serve over 200 people and the guests were very impressed with the food especially the dessert.  Chef Sharon Delk was wonderful in her quiet and reserved manner.   We will have more details over the next week. 

Hand Up Gala Today

Today is the big day for the Hand Up Gala and one of the most unique events in the homeless community.  The tables are set and the Cosgrove has just completed a nice renovation.  This will be the unveiling of the renovation.  It is beautiful over in one of the most important day centers in the community.  People can still donate to the event and participate in the auction up until October 30, 2013.  This event is both a fundraiser for the Bishop Cosgrove Center and the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless.  It is also a special occasion for homeless people to enjoy a once in a lifetime dinner with music and fine dining place settings. 

This year is the Roast Leg of Lamb with Homemade Horseradish Sauce and roasted new potatoes, mixed vegetables and a Napoleon Frangelico puff pastry for desert. We have floral arrangements from six local florists that tie the whole room together.  There will be two state representatives and a County Councilman along with board members from both organizations.   We will have plenty of photographs on our website today and in the future.   Both NEOCH and the Cosgrove Center hope that you will support both organizations as we prepare for the upcoming Cleveland cold weather. 

Brian Davis

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New Facebook Page for the Hand Up Gala

As we prepare for the upcoming fund raiser, the Hand Up Gala, we have created a Facebook page just for the event.  Thanks to our friend Kim, we have a page dedicated to this unique event.  We are sending out the invitations this week to previous supporters of the event.  We will send out another mailing next week to some of our friends in the community.  In case you have not seen, the Hand Up Gala is a fine dining meal we serve to homeless and hungry in Cleveland as an alternative to the silent auction dinners we had in the past.  We had some nice events for our members in the past at Massimos, and a couple of homeless people would get to enjoy the evening.  We decided for all the staff and volunteer time, we should design an event in which our most important constituents (the people we serve) can have a special time.  Three years ago, we partnered with the Cosgrove Center to host a day for homeless people to enjoy music, table cloths, floral arrangements and a wonderful meal.  Besides who wants to listen to a couple of boring speeches, get dressed up to spend some money at a silent auction? 

You can support this amazing event from the comfort of your home.  No need to dress up.  No need to go out and hire a babysitter.   No need to try to figure out a way to sneak out the back to get back home to watch football or the baseball playoffs.   The people who frequent the shelters and meal programs get to enjoy this once a year event.   Based on the photos from previous years and the discussions with the guests, they love the event.  Some dress up and look forward to this dinner.   We have posted a slide show on the front page of our website with some of the best photos from the past.  The event is held on October 18, 2013, but the important date for our members is October 30 which is the day we do the drawing for the Gala.  Everyone who donates more than $45 will get their name entered in a drawing to receive a thank you gift for donating.  There are 20 different prizes available including a signed Cleveland Browns football to tickets to the Lake County Captains to Museum and Cleveland Public Theatre Guest passes.   If you donate $90, you will get your name entered twice for double the chance to win a prize.    Just click on the link here to view the prizes and see how to donate.

We have a picture gallery from the previous three years on the support page.   If you are a business, you can click here to see how to support this event.  We have an amazing group of florists who are going to make the dinner extra special.  We have a wonderful musician who is going to perform, and the new Chef at the Cosgrove Center is going to show her culinary chops by making a fine dining style dinner for the 200 individuals with tickets.   Proceeds from the event are split between the Catholic Charities Cosgrove Center and the Homeless Coalition.  NEOCH will use our funds to help with our winter blanket and outreach coordination program.  The Bishop Cosgrove Center is using their funds to continue to operate the Transformational Art Program with supplies and space.   It is a wonderful event, and we hope that you will support the Hand Up Gala

Brian Davis

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Hand Up Gala Date Announced

One of the most unique events in the community is a collaboration between Catholic Charities and the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless called the Hand Up Gala.  The 2013 event is set for October 18, 2013 at the Bishop Cosgrove Center on Superior.  Most of the non-profit agencies in Cleveland have a once a year dinner and silent auction.  This event turns that concept on its head.  The main beneficiaries are homeless and hungry people in Cleveland Ohio.  We have a chef prepare a four star meal and we provide all the atmosphere of a high end restaurant.  Local florists donate centerpieces, and food supply companies donate some wonderful food. 

It is a fundraiser for the Coalition and the Bishop Cosgrove Center, and we do ask for donations to support the two organizations.  Everyone who donates more than $45 will have their name entered in an auction for some nice gifts from a museums and businesses in the community.  This year, if you do not want to participate in the auction, you can donate your prize to a homeless person at the Homeless Congress if your name is selected.  We try to have everything donated for this event so that the money raised goes to the important work of the Coalition and the day services at the Cosgrove Center.  The drawing for the auction is not until October 30, 2013, so you have two months to support this event.  We do offer sponsorship of the event to offer local businesses the opportunity to lend their name to this event.  

Many homeless people have never been to a restaurant with table cloths, fresh flowers, and live music.  This is a chance for people who wait in many lines, carry their bags everywhere and spend the day figuring out where they are going to lay their heads to relax enjoy some live music and one of the best meals they will ever have.  We have City Council members and other community leaders act as "servers" for the day to make the event extra special.  We get so many compliments from the population who love the event.  There are many photos on our website from the previous three years.  We were fortunate to have three amazing meals over the last three years, and trust that the new chef in 2013 will prepare a tremendous meal in October.  If you would like to volunteer or donate give us a call at 216/432-0540. Fall 2010 Hand Up Gala

2010 Photos here.

2011 Photos here.

2012 Photos here.

We will continue to update the website about the festivities, but would appreciate your support of this important event here.

Hand Up Gala 2012

 The Hand Up Gala was December 6, 2012 and above is a picture of "Celebrity Server" Zach Reed at the event.  Everyone I talked to enjoyed the event, and the beautiful atmosphere created by the Cosgrove staff.  We raised $2,000 for transportation and outreach services in Cleveland.   We conducted the auction last week and are sending the prizes out this week. 

We have posted a gallery of photos from the event.  It could not have been successful without the chef, Matthew Barnes from the LMM Central Kitchen and his staff.  The Cosgrove staff make the whole event a magical experience.  We had live music this year which was great and calmed everyone down.  Besides Councilman Reed, Councilwoman Phyllis Cleveland and Judge Michael Jackson attended the event.  There were a number of State Representatives who wanted to attend, but could not because they were in session.   All the florists made the tables look great, and then the 28 businesses, arts institutions, and local sports teams all helped to offer gifts as thanks to those who donated.

Thanks to Catholic Charities and the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless for organizing this event and thanks to both of their boards for volunteering on the day of the event.   You can still donate to the Gala before the end of the year.

Hand Up Gala Success

There is still time to donate before the auction on Friday!

It was a great day at the Cosgrove on Thursday December 6.   We served 200 meals which included a fried okra appetizer with a cajun remoulade and a stuffed chicken with smoked mozzarella caramelized onion with a sweet potato mash and a chicken ajus.  They had asparagus as a side dish and a double chocolate cream pie for dessert.  Thanks to Matthew Barnes from LMM Central Kitchen for supervising the meal and preparing this great four star dinner.  Grace from Beaumont High School organized this entire event, and she should receive most of the credit.  Each table had a nice flower arrangement with table cloth and napkins donated by Executive Caterers.  Nicole and her staff at the Cosgrove did a great job.  The place looked fantastic, and the guests were so appreciative.   We had a two former students from the Cleveland Institute of Music who did a great selection of Christmas music. We will have a gallery of photos up on the website soon

There is still time to donate to this event.  The auction will not happen until later this week.   We are still looking for your help to support our outreach services and the Cosgrove working to help people with transportation by supporting the Hand Up Gala. 

Hand Up Gala on Thursday: Auction set for 12/14

There is still a week left to get involved in the Auction for the Hand Up Gala.  Yesterday, Nicole Evans of the Cosgrove was on Live on Lakeside right before noon at WKYC-TV. 

The Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless and the Bishop Cosgrove Center, a program of Catholic Charities, are hosting the third annual Hand Up Gala to prepare a four star meal for those struggling with poverty on December 6, 2012 at Noon.  The event is also a fund raiser for the two groups to continue their important work serving the homeless and hungry of Greater Cleveland and providing outreach to those resistant to shelter.  Twenty-eight local arts and entertainment organizations provided gift certificates as prizes for everyone who donates to the Hand Up Gala.  There is still a week left to donate to this event before the drawing next Friday for the auction. 

The Hand up Gala is a two-fold event that both raises money for NEOCH’s outreach fund and the Bishop Cosgrove Center’s transportation fund as well as provides a fine dining experience for the homeless population of Cleveland.  This year the meal will be prepared by LMM Central Kitchen Chef Matt Barnes formerly of Saucy Bistro.

The dinner will be cooked by a celebrity chef and served by local celebrities as well as Board Members of Catholic Charities and NEOCH. This year Matt Barnes the new chef of the Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry Central Kitchen project will be the celebrity chef preparing the meal.  The Central Kitchen is a new program to teach culinary skills to homeless and disabled individuals.  They will also begin improving the quality and nutritious value of the meals at the local shelters. 

We plan to serve 200 very low income people with a fantastic meal.  There will be live music from three students from the Cleveland Institute of Music, a nice atmosphere, flower centerpieces from six area florists, table settings from Executive Caterers, and a motivational speaker for the December 6 Hand Up Gala.   We will have “celebrity servers” representing both agencies Board members and Councilpersons Reed and Cleveland who volunteer for the day.

Brian Davis

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One Week Until the Gala

The 2012 Hand Up Gala is next Thursday December 6, 2012, but the drawing for the prizes will be December 14, 2012.  You have a little over two weeks to make a donation to this unique event in Cleveland.    Executive Caters is donating table cloths, napkins and plate for the event.  We have six florists donating centerpieces (Lyndhurst, Monica's, 12th St. Florist, Cloud, Berghaus, and Diamond's Flowers) for the tables.  We have musicians from the Cleveland Institute of Music (Conrad, Gary and Doug).  We have a couple of celebrity servers (State Rep. Bill Patmon, Councilwoman Phyllis Cleveland, Councilman Zach Reed, and Congressman Kucinich's staff Laurie Rokakis) along with Board members of the two agencies. 

Chef Matt Barnes, the new executive chef at LMM's Central Kitchen, will be preparing the four star lunch.  He has worked out a fantasitc menu, and we are preparing to feed 200 people next Thursday.   We need your help with a donation to our two agencies.  All of the food and supplies for this event are donated, but thus is a replacement for our annual fundraising dinner.  We do seek funds for this event to assist both organizations expand our services to homeless people.  We use the proceeds to buy additional bus tickets and for the coordination of our outreach and blanket drive.  Everything donated to this event goes into programming.  As a thank you for your donation, we enter your name in a raffle for some fantastic prizes. We will have photos and a few stories from previous events. 

Brian Davis

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