Cleveland Street Chronicle


The Cleveland Street Chronicle is published three times a year. It is almost entirely written, distributed, and promoted by homeless individuals. The Chronicle contains articles addressing issues of homelessness and poverty in the community. Since its creation over 25 years ago, The Cleveland Street Chronicle has continued to provide a much-needed voice for Cleveland's homeless community.

The Chronicle's History

It was previously published for 16 years under the name Homeless Grapevine. The Street Newspaper in Cleveland was one of the first ten in the United States. Under its previous name, Homeless Grapevine, the Cleveland Street Chronicle received Honorable Mention by the Knight-Batten Award Committee, which recognizes technological innovations in journalism.

Where Can I Buy the Street Chronicle?

A vendor can almost always be found at The West Side Market.  They are also seen frequently on Euclid Ave, Public Square, E. 9th St., East 12th, or Coventry.  If you do not live near these areas or if you do not have a Street Chronicle Vendor in your area, you can receive a year's subscription for $12.00 by contacting us.

How Do I Become A Street Chronicle Vendor?

Homeless vendors purchase the papers for 25¢, then sell them for $1.25. The profits they receive from selling the paper are their profits. Anyone can become a vendor.  You do not have to be homeless to vend the paper.  We try to recruit panhandlers and those living in the shelters, but anyone can sell the paper.  Here is a gallery of the vendors who sell the street newspaper.

If you are interested in selling the Chronicle here are the steps you need to take. If you have any questions, please contact us.

  1. Call or message our office to give us your name and any contact information that you may have (contact information is not a requirement, but is helpful to us if you do have it).
  2. We will inform you of the next available training session.  All Chronicle members must go through a training session. Trainings tend to be held at NEOCH's office on a weekly basis.
  3. Once you have attended the vendor’s training you will receive a Temporary Vendor’s Badge and may begin selling papers. Your badge is permanent after selling 200 papers.
  4. As a Street Chronicle Vendor, there is a code of conduct that you will be required to follow. Click here to read the Chronicle Vendor Contract.

First, we are always looking for volunteers to aid in the Chronicle's production. Promote social justice by helping with the layout, writing stories, conducting interviews, archiving and possibly other editorial duties. Fill out the volunteer form, and a member of NEOCH will contact you.

Second, if you live in a suburban city, you can ask that they exempt the Chronicle from any street vending fee. Because of a bad US Appeals Court decision from 2000, cities are allowed to charge a fee so that a homeless person can sell the paper on the public streets.  Yes, commerce has trumped the distribution of a person's speech on the streets of Ohio. 

Lastly, you can send a donation to NEOCH. If you leave a note in your donation that the funds be used for The Street Chronicle, we will earmark your gracious donation exclusively for that.

How Can I Support the Street Newspaper in Cleveland?