Donate to NEOCH


"A great nonprofit doesn't fix problems. It reveals the power of a community to solve them." At NEOCH, we work hard to embody this ethos.

As any non-profit, NEOCH depends on the generosity of others to continue sustaining and expanding our work. In this political climate, supporting the interests of those experiencing homelessness is more important than ever. Homelessness is on the rise, which means the number of men, women, and children on the streets and in shelters is increasing. They need advocates, and they need support. 

To make a donation to NEOCH, call 216-432-0540 or donate online at Network for Good.


NEOCH receives its support from various local foundations, religious and corporate organizations, and individuals. Because we also receives support from Greater Cleveland Community Shares (GCCS), you can give to us by donating to them. GCCS fundraises in part by hosting workplace campaigns. Major campaigns of GCCS include, amongst others: State of Ohio, City of Cleveland, Cleveland Combined Federal Campaign, Cuyahoga County, and Cleveland State University. 

We also accept non-financial donations, including winter clothing, blankets and hygiene items for those resistant to shelter. Here is a page with details on what items we collect for the homeless. NEOCH also would appreciate office items to assist our operations including coffee, creamer, sugar, plates, plasticware, white paper, napkins to assist us with meetings that we host every month.

NEOCH solicits support from religious leaders throughout the community to specifically educate and forward public policy with regard to ending homelessness locally.  To sign up as we provide Hope for the Homeless feel free to print out this form and send it into NEOCH with a donation.  To learn more about the issue of family homelessness and what religious organizations can do to help go here.