Homeless Congress

Homeless Congress

The Homeless Congress is a meeting held between the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless (NEOCH) and residents of Cleveland’s homeless shelters and those resistant to shelters. It is a way for a diverse group of homeless people to come together, share ideas, make connections and push for changes. Homeless Congress is a bridge to City and State officials for those struggling with housing. The Congress allows homeless people to have a unified voice so that letters can be written, resolutions passed and comments be made all in the name of a recognized organization. The Homeless Congress represents homeless people—women, men, families, those resistant to shelter, veterans, shelter residents, etc.  This group is a vehicle for the unhoused to be heard by amplifying their voices.

When: The Second Thursday of Every Month from 1-2PM
2018 Dates: January 11th, February 15th, March 8th, April 12th, May 10th
Where: The Bishop Cosgrove Center
Who:  Anyone who is currently resident or recent alumni at a local homeless shelter is welcome. We welcome formerly homeless individuals who maintain contact with the shelters and people who currently sleep out on the street. The Congress especially needs people that can make a commitment and will attend meetings in the long run. 

When and where does Homeless Congress meet, and who is involved?


What has happened at Homeless Congress?

The Creation of Shelter Standards: In the past, reps had problems with their shelters and discovered that there are no basic operational standards for homeless shelters in our city. In response, the Congress created its own shelter standards and are planning to get the legislation passed by Cuyahoga County.
Meetings with State, County and City officials: Representatives from the Mayor’s office, Cleveland City Council members, County Council, representatives from the County Office of Homeless Services, the media, State Senators, Cleveland Police Department, and State Representatives have joined our meetings. 
Appointments to various community boards: Representatives were appointed to two County advisory boards, and the Coalition for the Homeless Board.


What are some of the goals of the group?

-Meet with media and politicians to combat stereotypes of homelessness.
-Have a say in legislation that affects our population (overflow and central intake of North Point); Downtown issues, foreclosures and access to healthcare.
-Expand job opportunities and housing opportunities for homeless people.
-Eventually, the Congress would like to be involved in deciding how local resources are distributed.


Are changes really being made?

All reps need to understand that change comes slowly and won’t be noticed overnight. In saying that, legislation has been introduced at the state and local levels that Congress members supported. Proposals submitted on behalf of group and shelters have made changes based on recommendations. Staff meet regularly with homeless people to talk about policies and procedures. City and County officials do listen to the concerns raised at the Homeless Congress. We have a page on our site here that describes the last five years progress made by the Homeless Congress.


Getting Involved with Homeless Congress

If you’re not sure when the next Congress meeting is, contact NEOCH. All meetings are held on select Thursdays (typically the second Thursday of the month) at 1 p.m. on the second floor (gymnasium) of the Bishop Cosgrove Center (E. 18th and Superior). Each Congress representative receives an all-day RTA pass for attending a full meeting.  We also hold raffles at each meeting.  The meetings are a great way to network and to learn of new programs/events in the community; including new housing.


Homeless Congress's Priorities + Suggestions