Second Hand Up Gala Gallery

We have posted a second gallery of pictures from this year's Hand Up Gala here.  We also did the drawing for the auction last week.  It was supervised by Community Shares staff to make sure that it was fair.  Seven out of the 16 prize packages will go to homeless people at the next Homeless Congress meeting. 

We also posted the First Gallery on our front page of our website.  We changed the front page so that important items can easily be found.  The picture here is Anthony's Mom.  She attended the Gala to see her son make some remarks about coming from the streets to a good solid job and housing.  Anthony was featured in the program book and had successfully graduated from our photography program. 

We will be sending out the prizes to the auction winners this week and we will have our wrap up meeting to plan for 2015. 

Brian Davis

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Still Time to Support the Hand Up Gala

The Gala was on October 17, but the auction drawing is not until the end of this week.  You still have time to participate.  Every $50 donated will get you a chance at a drawing of some wonderful prize packages.  There are signed footballs from the Cleveland Browns, tickets to the orchestra, gift certificates for Sherwin Williams paint, and movies, plays, concerts and sporting events.  We have designed some nice packages as part of the 20th Anniversary of Cosgrove Center.  You can donate online or if you drop your check at the office right now

This unique fundraiser does not require you to show up at special event.  It does not require you to get dressed up.  It does not require you to eat the same chicken dinner that everyone serves at fund raisers or listen to a boring speaker championing the virtues of the agency.  This fundraiser allows the population we serve to enjoy a fine dining meal in an environment that provides dignity and respect. It is a wonderful event for families, couples and single individuals to listen to some music, put a cloth napkin on their lap and dig into a Apple Cranberry Glazed Chicken Breast and wild rice.  All of this with City Councilmembers, County Councilmembers and Board members seating and serving these honored guests.  Your donation supports NEOCH and Catholic Charities's Bishop Cosgrove Center.

Brian Davis

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Hand Up Gala 2014 Successful

A Unique Event to Provide a Fine Dining Meal to Homeless People in Cleveland

        The Hand Up Gala (not a Hand Out) was held on October 17 to celebrate 20 years of the Cosgrove Center serving hungry people in Cleveland. Unfortunately, the media did not show up to see what a beautiful spread the staff at Cosgrove put together.  We have a gallery of photos on our website and a few on our facebook page. The Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless is a co-organizer of this event, and everyone I talked to enjoyed the event.   Loh, a member of the Homeless Congress, gave it an 8 out of 10, and we served over 200 homeless people.

      There were a lot of families with very young children at the event this year, which shows the huge increase in families over the last few years. The event could not be held without the hundreds of volunteers including Councilman Zach Reed and County Councilman Dale Miller pictured here.  Berghaus Flowers provided the center pieces decorated in fall colors, and we had two musicians, Amanda Walsh and Tom Hosna, who gave their time to make the event elegant.   There was a wonderful meal of chicken with an apple cranberry glaze prepared by Chef Sharon Delk and her staff.  Executive Caterers at Landerhaven provided the fine dining amenities that are not often experienced by members of the homeless community.

        Cosgrove Center has served hundreds of thousands over 20 years and is a critical component of the social safety net in Cleveland.  They are open in the extreme winter cold days and the hot July days so homeless people do not have to be on the streets during the day.  To assist with the celebration, politicians and board members of both NEOCH and Catholic Charities were on hand to act as greeters and servers.  We put together a program book to remember the Cosgrove Center and their 20 years which we will post online in the near future. 

       This year has been a year of celebration the Diocese of Cleveland’s Catholic Charities and the Bishop Cosgrove Center for twenty years of "Providing Help and Creating Hope.”  This event is also a fundraiser in which donors are entered into an auction of 30 local arts groups, sports organizations, and businesses who have offered tickets and gift certificates to support NEOCH and Cosgrove Center. We hope to raise funds to support the programming at the two organizations as we see more and more families showing up at our facilities looking for help.

    We will not be doing the drawing for the auction until October 29, so you still have time to participate.  You can make a donation on line or through the mailHere are the auction packages that we are distributing this year. This was the fifth Hand Up Gala and it went off without a hitch thanks to Nicole Evans and her fantastic staff.

    We have to thank the committee who worked since April to make this event special including Kimberly Miller, Nicole Evans, Randall York, Norman Wolfe, Gloria McCurdy, Sarah Novak, Terrel Valentine and Melissa Sirak.  Also, we have to thank Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Cleveland for funding the Cosgrove Center for 20 years and making day shelter an important part of the downtown community.  They have served millions of meals in those 20 years and provided hundreds of thousands bags of food to their neighbors all with a welcoming atmosphere of friendly staff.  It was a great event this year to celebrate the Cosgrove Center.  Thanks to Anthony Emory who came up from being a client to becoming a volunteer after finding stable housing for giving his testimonial about the value of Cosgrove Center at the event. 

Brian Davis

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You Can Volunteer for the Hand Up Gala

Do you want to help in one of the most unique events in our community?  On October 17th 2014, the Hand Up Gala will provide a fantastic meal to homeless and hungry people in our community? We need you to reserve your space to volunteer for the Hand Up Gala.  The event is at the Bishop William M. Cosgrove Center, and we need help serve a gourmet luncheon for 225 individuals experiencing homelessness in Greater Cleveland!

This year has been a year of celebration, as Catholic Charities-Bishop William M. Cosgrove Center commemorates twenty years of "Providing Help and Creating Hope" for some of the most vulnerable of our community. Throughout the year, there has been several functions honoring 20 years of service. The final event will be the Hand Up Gala, which is a gourmet luncheon for those individuals experiencing homelessness in Greater Cleveland.

Your help is needed to make this event a success! We are looking for volunteers to assist at this event as a host/hostess, server, or at the refreshment center. We have two volunteer shifts: 10:00 A.M.-12:30 P.M. and 11:30 A.M.-2:00 P.M. If you are interested in volunteering at this wonderful event please email Sierra Young at by October 10,2014. We have invited elected officials (not currently on the ballot) and media personalities to also help with this event.  Thank you in advance for your consideration to help with this event!

By Sarah

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Woodchopper's Ball This Weekend

Please remember that the Woodchopper's Ball is this weekend.   This fundraiser for NEOCH is held on Saturday December 7 at 8 p.m. at the Kent Stage

Here is a detailed description of each guitarist.  Nine of the best finger-style guitar players in America come together at The Kent Stage for the 13th Annual Woodchoppers Ball. The Woodchoppers Ball is a Benefit for the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless. All seats reserved.
Featuring 9 of the best acoustic guitarists in the World.

They are: Muriel Anderson
Pete Huttlinger
Michael Kelsey
Brian Henke
Mark Sganga
Helen Avakian
James McKinney
Andy Wahlberg
Dan Banchurst filled in at the last minute.

Hosted by the venerable Charley Brown (Jim Blum hosted after a Brown illness).  Brian has done this show for the last 10 years and this year is the only guitarist on the bill from Ohio.  This show has grown over the last decade to be a really big event.  We hope that you can support NEOCH and enjoy an amazing show.

Brian Davis

PS: Michael Kelsey appeared on the radio show Sound of Applause today at WCPN 90.3 FM at 2 p.m. to promote the show.

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Last Day for Hand Up Gala Donation

This is the last day that you can donate and still be involved in the auction.  We had over 200 people who enjoyed the meal.  The other aspect of this program is that it is a fundraiser for the Bishop Cosgrove Center and the Homeless Coalition.  All the proceeds raised are split between the two organizations.  The food and flowers and table cloths are all donated.  (Thanks to Executive Caterers for the china, table cloths and napkins--They were great.)  The proceeds from this extraordinary event go to preperation for the winter and the Transformational Art Center. 

We have some great gifts available including a football signed by Cleveland Brown Phil Taylor, a basket from the Chagrin Falls Popcorn Shop, and tickets to the Metropark Zoo.   Every $45 donation enters your name in the auction.  This is the last day to enter.  You can enter online here by just putting Hand Up Gala as part of your donation.

Brian Davis

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Flowers Make the Event

Six local florists donated to the Hand Up Gala, and they really transform the event.  We had some amazing collection of florists who contributed to this year's event.  Berghaus Flowers went above and beyond donating a large number of the centerpieces for this event.  They have helped us out for years on this event and we appreciate their assistance.  A new participant this year was Segelin's Florists over on Carnegie in the new Doubletree Hotel in University Circle.  They provided a number of wonderful arrangements with Asiatic lilies that a number of participants commented were striking.  We also must thank Monica's Flowers in Garfield Hts. for helping again this year as well as Lyndhurst Florist.

One interesting story from the Hand Up Gala was Gaines Florist.  They are over on Carnegie near the Lancer (previous victim of fire), and Gaines had a fire in the building recently.  The water damage temporarily closed their business, but Mr. Mason came in to put together the arrangements and fulfill his commitment.  He was great, and the arrangement he made was wonderful. 

Thanks to Norman who called and followed up with all the florists and got them to donate.   Thanks to all these local businesses for their help in the centerpieces.  If you are making decisions on where to buy flowers locally, please think about these florists who supported social justice and homeless services in Cleveland, and thank them for their helping to make the Hand Up Gala special.   We have been told that the fresh flowers that make this event unique. 

Remember, that the Auction takes place on October 30, 2013.  There is still time to make a donation to participate in the auction. 

Brian Davis

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Elected Officials Assist With Hand Up Gala

County Councilman Dale MillerIt was nice to see two elected officials showed up to serve the homeless and hungry at the Hand Up Gala. County Councilman Dale Miller attended and helped to serve.  Also, Ohio House member Marlene Anielski rolled up her sleeves and put on the mandatory hair nets to serve the population.   The purpose of this event is to turn on its head the traditional silent auction conducted by most non-profits.  Instead of having our members dress up and go to a nice dinner to hear a speaker and eat rubbery chicken, we flipped the fundraiser around.  We have a nice meal for 200 of our constituents and served by the politicians who would have normally been speaking at a similar event. 

Roy Love, Board President of NEOCH, served as well, and CEO Patrick  Gareau the President and CEO of Catholic Charities also donated his time to serve the meal. State Rep. Marlene Aneilski  Angela Shuckahose, the Director of CTO volunteered as did social service providers, Jim Schlecht and Toni Johnson.  There were staff and board members from Catholic Charities including Sr. Kathleen and Father Robert J. Kropac of St. Peter's Church next door both assisted with serving the population.  We could never pull this off without the wonderful volunteers who gave of their time to this unique event.  

For those who want to support the Hand Up Gala, you can donate through October 30, 2013 to participate in the auction.   You can send in a donation or right on the website (mark Hand Up Gala in the purpose section.)  The proceeds from the event are split between the two organizations.  The Bishop Cosgrove Center are using their funds to support the Transformational Art Center and we are using our funds for the outreach services that we oversee. I can't say enough about how beautiful the Cosgrove Center was on Friday and how great the food was this year.  We will have more on this in the near future.  Check out the photos on our Facebook page.

Brian Davis

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Hand Up Gala Successful

The fourth annual Hand Up Gala was a tremendous event.  Only WKSU reported from the event unfortunately.  We will have a photo gallery up on our website over the weekend.  We have a special facebook page which has a few photos on it, and we will post a gallery on our regular facebook page.   Below are a few pictures from today's event.  We did serve over 200 people and the guests were very impressed with the food especially the dessert.  Chef Sharon Delk was wonderful in her quiet and reserved manner.   We will have more details over the next week. 

Join Us At NEOCH

Veterans and Veteran's Administration Staff at the 2012 Homeless Memorial Day

For the past 27 years NEOCH has published a Homeless Street Card.  We have organized the Homeless Memorial Day and read the largest number of names in our history.  We helped with the Homeless Stand Down, coordinating outreach, and placing volunteer attorneys at the shelters.  We need your help right now to join the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless.  We have sent you a piece of mail with an envelope to return to NEOCH or you can donate directly on our website here.  The 2013 membership campaign is underway.  Please join us as we fight to prevent homelessness for the growing number women and children by making a tax deductible donation during this critical time.


NEOCH membership matters!  You will have access to the special section of our website.  You will get a periodic advocacy newsletter from the Coalition, and you will be invited to special events such as volunteering at the Gala or the Homeless Memorial Day.  We depend on your support to show politicians and bureaucrats that we have the support of hundreds of people in the community.  Also, 10% of our budget comes from our membership.  We need your help today!!


If you appreciate the work we did registering people to vote, we need your support for our membership. If you enjoyed all the information that we posted this year on our website including the complete redesign of the site, we need your support on our membership campaign.  If you used the website that we help market and maintain, then we need your support.  If you think that it is important for homeless people to have access to legal advice, then we need you to support our membership.  Donate today to take advantage of the tax benefits for 2012, and your membership will last through 2013.  


Brian Davis

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