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Veterans and Veteran's Administration Staff at the 2012 Homeless Memorial Day

For the past 27 years NEOCH has published a Homeless Street Card.  We have organized the Homeless Memorial Day and read the largest number of names in our history.  We helped with the Homeless Stand Down, coordinating outreach, and placing volunteer attorneys at the shelters.  We need your help right now to join the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless.  We have sent you a piece of mail with an envelope to return to NEOCH or you can donate directly on our website here.  The 2013 membership campaign is underway.  Please join us as we fight to prevent homelessness for the growing number women and children by making a tax deductible donation during this critical time.


NEOCH membership matters!  You will have access to the special section of our website.  You will get a periodic advocacy newsletter from the Coalition, and you will be invited to special events such as volunteering at the Gala or the Homeless Memorial Day.  We depend on your support to show politicians and bureaucrats that we have the support of hundreds of people in the community.  Also, 10% of our budget comes from our membership.  We need your help today!!


If you appreciate the work we did registering people to vote, we need your support for our membership. If you enjoyed all the information that we posted this year on our website including the complete redesign of the site, we need your support on our membership campaign.  If you used the website that we help market and maintain, then we need your support.  If you think that it is important for homeless people to have access to legal advice, then we need you to support our membership.  Donate today to take advantage of the tax benefits for 2012, and your membership will last through 2013.  


Brian Davis

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