"Fear The Walking Dead" Needs a Homeless Guy

 AMC's Walking Dead television series is set in Georgia and now Virginia.  The series is the aftermath of the downfall of organized society and after the fall of the government.  One of the key interesting figures of the series is one of the two stars, Norman Reedus.  He is a self described Georgian redneck named Daryl Dixon from a rural section of the state, petty thief and racist.  He is the guy who is an expert with the cross bow and seems to have the DNA necessary to survive the Zombie Apocalypse.  He was a wandering, hate filled couch surfer without a real job who could fix things and was a good hunter, but otherwise had no real skills for modern society.  After the world fell into chaos, he seemed perfectly suited for a place where you migrate for food and survival of the fittest is the law of the land. 

The series has a new spinoff that takes place in the City of Los Angeles.  The new series is pre-apocalypse and for anyone who has seen the Walking Dead, they cycle through a lot of characters.  Many many people die on the show including individuals who have leading roles.  So, at this point it is not clear who will be the main characters who survive.  I hope that they find a character like Daryl for Los Angeles.  I am nominating a character from Skid Row to provide some education to the general population of the amazing things that homeless people have to overcome in this society to survive.  Most people think of the "bums" on Skid Row as lazy non-conformists who don't want to get a job.  From hanging out with homeless people in Cleveland, I can say that they go through incredible hardships to survive and believe that they would do well in the Zombie apocalypse. 

Homeless people have to walk great distances for food.  They have to figure out who can be helpful and who is going to harm them or steal from them.  Homeless people stay largely to themselves and are able to find privacy in the public world that they live in.  They are really good at getting important information from the streets and who to lean on for what they need.  All these skills would be great at the end of orderly society.  Daryl brings a lot of character to the Walking Dead and homeless people from Skid Row could bring the new show Fear the Walking Dead some interest.  We also feel that it would dispel some of the myths about homelessness.  There are enough homeless people in Los Angeles to survive the Zombie apocalypse. There are just about the same size as the City of Toledo living in the shelters or on the streets of LA every night. 

Brian Davis

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Los Angeles Stabbings of Homeless People

While our attention has been rightly focused on the senseless killings in the Denver suburbs at the movie premier, a frightening number of attacks on homeless people while they slept came to an end.  Starting around Independence Day, a man attacked a homeless man with a knife and left a "death warrant" with the man.  The homeless guy who was not named wandered into the street and was taken to the hospital.  Three homeless individuals were stabbed while sleeping in Greater Los Angeles, and two homeless people were suspected of being stabbed in Santa Barbara.  A man, Courtney Robinson, turned himself in after he was identified as a "person of interest," and the Santa Barbara police were close to making an arrest.

One of the stories that got me thinking was a article in the Los Angeles Times while the individual terrorizing homeless people was still on the loose.  There was a plea by city officials and police for homeless people to come inside.  I was thinking what would happen if all the people sleeping outside in any city in America heeded the advice of the police and tried to get inside?  We estimate that there would be 140% more people showing up and requesting shelter in Cleveland if everyone came inside, and I am sure that Los Angeles and Santa Barbara would have even more people to contend with.  For homeless people reading the Los Angeles Times they would laugh at these statements.  They know that showing up at a shelter to request sanctuary from a killer would be fruitless.  If Los Angeles officials have opened the Coliseum or the Arena or closed down schools to serve the thousands who would show up requesting help that would be a sign they were serious.  If the City does not have a solution that would serve the population, why make the suggestion?   But to say publicly get out of the way of a potential killer and stay hidden is worthless and just sends terror through the community.

The other interesting note is that this story mentions the serial killer from December 2011 and January 2012 who targeted homeless people.  There is a lot of ink dedicated to this last threat to homeless people in Los Angeles, but what was missed was the contribution by the Los Angeles Times to that story.  If you remember, the Los Angeles Times published a story urging homeless people to go inside and there was a picture of a guy living outside with his name and location who within 10 days was the next target of the serial killer.  John Berry was hunted down by the serial killer and killed on January 13, 2012 after his picture was featured on the front of the paper.  The Times never apologized, and never announced any changes in policy after this breach of privacy.  Notice that there were not any pictures in the story that appeared in the latest story, so apparently learned something. 

Brian Davis

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