New Blankets/Mats Arrive at NEOCH

Earlier this year, we were amazed by these mats or blankets made by a volunteer out of plastic bags collected from grocery stores.  We were amazed by the craftsmanship and diligence of collecting thousands of bags and them putting them together in a roll out mat with a handle.  We give these out to the outreach workers who deliver them to people living outside and resistant to shelter. 

We did not have a name for the person last time, but we now know that Mrs. Luann Schuster makes these blankets for homeless people.  They are great and the individuals who receive these very much appreciate them.  It is great because they are waterproof and can be carried easily.  They are durable and are made with great care as you can see from the picture to the side.   On behalf of homeless people, we thank you for all your efforts.

Brian Davis

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