Voting updates as Golden Week Begins

This is the last full week to register people to vote.  Early voting Golden Week starts today!!  This is the week that you can sign up to vote and actually vote at the same time at the Board of Elections.  We are having vans go around to every shelter and permanent supportive housing project to pick people up to go vote.  If you have someone who misses the van at a shelter, call us and we can get a van over to pick people up.  We will actually have vans coming around over the next 20 voting days between October 10 to election day so there will be plenty of opportunities to go vote early.  If you have registration forms to pick up let us know and we will come over.  All change of address and registration forms must be at the Board of Elections offices by Tuesday October 9 at 5 p.m.

Last night a number of community leaders including Senator Nina Turner slept outside the Board offices to call attention to early voting.  She was one of the first in line in the morning.  There was a long line outside of the polling place in Columbus Ohio site with a picture on the front of website this morning.   

Our provisional ballot lawsuit will go before a federal appeals court this week.  We had a victory at the district court level and the state is challenging that victory.  We want as many provisional ballots as possible counted so that legitimate voters are not disenfranchised due to poll worker error. 

If you need anything for voting, give NEOCH a call. 

Brian Davis