Victory Over Parks Restrictions in Cincinnati

We received a note from Cincinnati officials that they had two victories over the last few weeks.  The Board of Zoning Board of Appeals voted unanimously to uphold the previous decision of the Historic Conservation Board in favor of the Anna Louise Inn.  There will be other hearings and at least one appeal in the near future.   This is very good news in the long process to have the shelter expand to serve more women and provide housing to those working to re-establish stablity against the wishes of fianancial services company Western and Southern.

The Cincinnati Park Board voted to strike down a law that would allow "special rules" to be created for Washington Park, which is the large park in the Over the Rhine neighborhood near many of the Cincinnati shelters.   In the past, the park would simply hang up a sign with the word "rule" and police could enforce the "rule" like it was a law with fines and tickets.  This had allowed Cincinnati Police and the local development corporation to develop special rules, hang them in the park without public input, and have the police enforce those rules.  Three low income and homeless individuals filed suit in early September against the Park Board.  On September 20th, the Park Board voted to end the practice of introducing "special rules" without public oversight and discussion.  This means that all special rules were null and void, and will have to go through the typical legislative process. 

Brian Davis

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