Senator Nina Turner Attends Homeless Congress

by Chawanda

As a first time attendee of the Homeless Congress meeting, I first of all thought that the turnout was great.  Many homeless persons came out to hear the concerns and to get responses from NEOCH , Northeast Ohio Coalition for the homeless, which brought in a guest speaker  Senator Nina Turner.  Senator Turner sat amongst the homeless people at the Bishop Cosgrove Center located at the 1800 block between Payne Avenue  and Superior Avenue. NEOCH distrubuted informational resources that people living in the shelter can use to find clinics, employment, and housing resources to become independent upon leaving the shelter.   Brian a representative for NEOCH spoke about raising money for  Moving Homeward a program for the homeless. Senator Turner suggested lenders to contact for a loan for the program. Senator Turner also stressed the point of voters registration and going out to vote on election day and that every vote counts. I am not sure if Senator Turner speaking at the meeting will really make a difference, but we were honored to have her come out, on her tight scheduale. Bus Tickets were distributed after the meeting to the homeless.

Editor's Note:  Chawanda was an attendee staying at the Community Women's Shelter and attended her first Homeless Congress meeting in September.  Here is her summary.