Understanding Life From Different Perspectives

By Kim Supermutt Goodman

When we are born we only know the life around us and it becomes normal. If our parents are kind and caring we grow up to believe that all people are kind and caring. Once we learn that there are people in the world that are not kind and caring we are surprised, upset or hurt or all of those. We often wonder why this person is so unkind or why they are unable to care. If we were abused as a child, we believe that abuse and neglect is a normal part of life. We assume that everyone is treated the way that we are. When we see that others are not treated the same way, we feel cheated, betrayed, jealous, upset or angry.  

The mind is a delicate part of your body. It operates our entire body. If there is a malfunction, our mind, physical health, mental health, and emotional health can suffer. We can control our mind and so can other people. When there is a chemical imbalance in the brain, the person is diagnosed with a mental disability. When someone struggles emotionally, they are considered to have an emotional disorder. Some people are more sensitive than others so they need more emotional support. Other people are more independent needing freedom. Extroverted people need more social interaction where introverted people need less social interaction. Special needs person’s need extra help and support in life. Others may have hidden disabilities. They will look like a regular person but could be dealing with a disability needing understanding.

It’s easy for a person to look at others and judge them. Judging others comes from a biased place. The person judging does not take into consideration how the other person may view the world. It is more beneficial to show compassion.  Having compassion opens your mind in an attempt to see someone or a situation differently. This helps you see outside of what you believed to be normal. The next time you ask yourself why someone is doing or not doing what you think they should, stop and think about life through their eyes. Take into consideration everyone is not like you. If you are a strong person, someone else might not be as strong.

It’s easy to look at a young man with his pants sagging, hat turned backwards and call him a thug. He might be a nice young man who desires to fit in with his peer group. You may wonder, “Why would a teenage boy sell drugs instead of getting a job after school?  He may be trying to help his single mother who works two jobs and there is no other job in the depressed neighborhood. His father is not involved in their life or helps take care of his siblings. His mother has an addiction problem, neglecting her responsibilities as a mother. You may wonder why a person would rob or kill someone without feeling any remorse. They may act this way because they grew up in a household lacking love or much contact with others. If a person was never shown love and ignored as a kid, how can you expect them to understand how to live in society?

It is easy to look at an addict and see them as hopeless with no future. They are hurting inside. Those who abuse drugs and alcohol to comfort themselves, they are emotionally sensitive, emotionally needy and unable to deal with life. It is not the right choice but the only choice they know. It’s easy to look at a felon and say he messed his or her life up while ignoring the reason why. It is easy to look at a homeless person assuming they are homeless because they lack motivation or are lazy, but not thinking about their history.

In society, we have too many labels and personal standards. If we put more effort in trying to understand people and their situations without labeling and judging them, the world would be a better place. If a person is able to see things from the other person’s perspective they will learn to understand each other. When we understand others, we learn to accept and help to help them better. If family notice a parent not doing their job, they should step in to assist where is needed. If they turn a blind eye to the child being neglected, they are leaving the child to deal with problems on their own. The child grows up taking matter into their own hands. How can we expect a child or a persons who lacks maturity to make responsible decisions? Being an adult does not make you responsible.

Next time you feel the urge to judge, remember everyone is different. Everyone has a different background. You learn that you have different beliefs. Differences makes the world what it is. If everyone were the same, the world would be a boring place.

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