You’re Not Too Old For Anything:


   Age is nothing but a number!  You’re only as old as you feel!  Trust me, I’ve heard them all.  And, they’re mostly true, thanks to medical science. 

   The fortitude of the boomer generation, older Americans really are disrupting the limits of aging in ever more astonishing ways.

   Nothing is going to stop you from aging physically.  You can change the way you look by doing certain things, if you want, but you cannot stop getting older.

   So at 88 years old, it’s not something that’s on my mind every day.  I don’t get up in the morning saying, “Oh my dear, I’m old.”  I get up, and I say, “I hope it will be a good day.  I hope it will be things to smile about.”

   So I sell, the Street Chronicle, because I’m young at heart and I enjoy working with people.  It does not cost anything to be nice or pleasant.  The hardest part of selling the paper is the winter months.

   I like the early shift at the market, because it is very peaceful.

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