To Reduce Violence It’s All About The Way We Live

By Ken Payton


All of the gun violence that’s happening in our city is wrong.  Recent gun violence, including little children being killed, makes you question the safety of ourselves, and children as well.  We need to wake up and recognize that we as people are doing wrong in our lives.

It’s no fun being in jail, or somewhere hurt. It’s hard to hear that one of your loved ones has been hurt, incarcerated, or dead.   “What goes around, comes around!” that’s the way the world works.  If you are doing something that’s not right, stop! There will be a price to pay.  If there is someone that you know who isn’t doing the right thing, whether a friend or family member, tell them that it’s time to stop.

There are things we can do to better ourselves as people.  This is all about the way things are.  The Lord allows you to wake up, realizing there is a reason for that. Let’s do something that our families can be proud of; not things they will be ashamed of.   Know the opportunity you have waking up in the morning.  It’s a beautiful thing.   Do something positive with the opportunity you are so blessed to have!

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