Memories of Holidays Past

By Micheal Boyd

As this holiday approaches, it makes me think about when I was a young child.

I was the sixth of eight children, and didn’t get many toys.

Now that I am a parent, I try to do what I can

To make sure that my children do not experience the sadness I felt back then.

Before I had children, I’d go to places like

Westside Catholic Center, St. Augustus, St. Pat’s and St. Malachi for the holidays.

If it were not for places like these, our family would not have had a holiday.

                               So, this year,                                

I ask that people remember to give a toys and other items to

St. Augustus, St. Pat’s and St. Malachi

so that people who are less fortunate can experience happy holidays.

I’d like to give a special thanks to Felicia (the Coffee Lady) and her husband,

Whose stall is across from the Flower Lady?

Thanks for helping me and my grandchild last winter.

I also want to thank Justin for helping through last winter as well.

Happy Holidays! Don’t forget to donate!

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