I Think That We Need More Housing For the Homeless

By Mike Owens

I believe the homeless need a place to call their own. They need a chance to start over and not be on the streets, to be robbed, killed or freeze to death in the winter. Some don’t choose to be homeless; it’s not their fault.

Sometimes it’s by a fire, flood or other disaster; some have families but still nowhere to go. There are so many empty houses that could be given to homeless families and they could call it home. But some would love to have a place to call home that they could fix up and feel good about themselves.  

These newly housed could maybe, not worry about when they are going to eat again or take a shower.  They would have a safe place and would not be afraid to go to sleep at night.  If we could just figure out how to give over these houses to homeless people and help them rebuild these houses. God bless everyone.

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