A Women I Know Had a Horrible Secret

By Sabrina

A story to tell that she always wanted published but wanted her and the people involved to remain anonymous because it happened so long ago, that it might help some child from being abused in the future. The lady had her younger brother baby sit for her two young girls. One child is an infant while the other is about five years old. The five year old would always say “No! No! , I don’t want Uncle to watch us.” Every time it was time for the lady to go to work, for a few weeks, the little girl’s would cry at night and say, “He’s in the closet or under the bed”, but when the mother would ask, “Who you are talking about?”, the child would not say. So, eventually, the mother got a new sitter. She believed her brother was just too mean, not realizing until years later that those were signs that the Uncle were sexually abusing the children. The mother found out one day when she and her daughter were watching a movie about abuse on television. During the movie, she noticed her older daughter’s face after the movie ended. She took her to the room alone and questioned her daughter until she found out the truth. The reason she didn’t tell was because he told her she would get in trouble.

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