New Member Page Updated

We have improved our member section of our website in the hopes that those who support the Coalition will login to the website.  This is to provide additional content to members of the Coalition.  We have a "Deal of the Month page which will feature local businesses offering discounts exclusively to our members.  The first deal is from the Cleveland Public Theatre.  You must login to take advantage of the deal.  We also will be updating our member hub section with all the weird things that go on in the office.  If you do not remember the login it appears on the thank you letter you received from NEOCH or you can just e-mail us at neoch (at) neoch (dot) org and we will send you the login.  Tell us what you think.

Brian Davis

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New Front Page

We have added a new slide show on the front of the website.  What do you think?

The portraits are from professional photographer David Hagan.  There were a few cepia tone pieces from Charles who spent time living in the shelters.  There is a photo of our friend Brian Henke who performed at the Woodchopper's Ball.  There are images from a 1992 show with Janet Century and Karen St. John Vincent.  Finally, there are a few recent photos from the Hand Up Gala.   We would love to hear from you about what you would like to see on the front page.  Do you like the black and white photos, all color photos or just images taken by homeless people.  Let us know what you think?

In the member section we have added a commentary about Nan Roman's speech before the Cleveland City Club.

Brian Davis

Posts reflect the opinion of those who sign the entry.

Website Updated

We have made a number of upgrades on the website that we invite you to explore.  We have regular updates of our blog, our information blog, our portraits of homeless people, and press releases.  We have a section of the website dedicated to homeless voting that also has regular updates of new events.  We have added a survey to the site for members of the Coalition to complete.  This survey will allow us to revise our programming to meet the needs in the community.  We hope that you will take a few minutes to complete the membership survey. We want to hear if we are fulfilling our mission and how we can improve our services.

There is always regular information added to our member blog (You must have a password to enter this section of the website).  To get a password you need to be a paid member of NEOCH.  There is currently a discussion on the website about the veterans administration attempt to end homelessness in America. We are regularly adding content to the Grapevine Archive.  We have the first 16 issues on the website, and are always trying to get more of this historical data on the site.  NEOCH, in an effort to be transparent has added our 2011 tax return to the site. 

Finally, we updated the volunteer opportunities on the site.  We are looking for a volunteer to help with our registration of homeless people.  We want someone to pick up volunteer registration forms so that we can drop them at the Board of Elections.  Every shelter in the community is helping to register people or change their address so that they will be ready to vote in the fall.   You can also sign up right on our website to be a volunteer here.

Tell us what you think about the website.  We want to hear your opinions.

Brian Davis

Posts reflect the opinon of those who sign the entry.

Everything is Working

Check out the new Website!!!

Photo by Toni Anderson

The new site is up and everything (including our e-mail) is working.  Please explore.  Thanks to Lightcomm and Jesse for all his hard work on the new site.  A couple of notes on the new site include the pictures on the front page are from the Grapevine photography project in which a series of professional photographers taught homeless people the art of photography.  The Cleveland Homeless blog will remain as an archive with only a summary of new entries, but this new blog will be regularly updated.   We are going to move the Grapevine archive onto the new site slowly but surely.  We are also going to move some of our old reports onto the site.  The big improvement is that members of NEOCH have their own section, which has our advocacy newsletters and will have the most up to date information.   Please let us know what you think.  A couple of things on the site:

The Board and staff are proud of the new site, but what do you think?

Brian Davis

Posts are the opinion of those who sign each entry

NEOCH Having E-Mail Issues

Welcome to the new website.  As part of the transition to the new site, we are having trouble receiving e-mails.  We are working on the issue, but right now we cannot receive e-mails.  If you have sent any e-mails since Tuesday at 8 p.m., we did not get it.  If you need to reach us, send an e-mail to clevelandhomeless (at) yahoo (dot) com.  You can always reach us by telephone at 216/432-0540.

Brian Davis