Linda the Vendor and Philosopher Passed Away

We lost Linda, a Grapevine vendor this last week.  Her service was July 18, 2013 at Carey's Funeral Home on Lorain Ave.   You may remember her at the West Side Market selling the papers.  She also wrote for the paper.  She was an environmentalist who loved cats.  She had a great deal of trouble keeping stable housing throughout her life, and she was overtaken by cancer this last year.  Linda had a rough life and struggled with behavioral health issues.  I remember that she met a lot of politicians at the West Side Market when she was selling the paper, and she always offered her opinions on the state of the nation.

She was always determined and we had to send people out to help her on a number of occasions when she was struggling and living rough.   She died from complications related to cancer in the last week.  The folks at West Side Catholic arranged a small service for the individuals who came in contact with her and a few of the vendors attended.  We have posted two stories from Linda here:

This is a story from Issue 86 from 2008 authored by Linda.

This is a story from Issue 87 from 2008

Here is the short poem she included with her Oppression Day story

         Reminiscing warm times for the cold weather:

         The stars were bright

            The sky was light

            And heaven’s glitter

            Came shining thru

            All from thoughts of you!

            Do you see what I see

            Do you hear what I hear

            Said the homeless person

            To the gentle police

Delores wrote a story for the upcoming Street Chronicle about Linda.  We will miss her. 

Brian Davis

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Josh Kanary Event Planned for July 19th

The family and friends of Josh Kanary will gather on Friday July 19, 2013 at 7 p.m. at St. Paul’s Community Church 4427 Franklin Blvd. (near St. Herman’s) on the Near West Side of Cleveland.  Rev. Jim Link will officiate and his friends Emily and Sarah (pictured next to Josh here)  will organize the program to remember Josh.   There was a memorial in May in Toledo and many of his friends in Cleveland were not able to attend the services.  There was also a moment of reflection at the CSU Social Work school commencement, and many of his fellow graduates never were able to attend a gathering dedicated to Josh.  We would like to invite family and friends in Cleveland to gather to remember the life of Josh Kanary on Friday evening July 19.  Please circulate this to others who worked with Josh or made his acquaintance during his relatively short life.  If you are a musician who performed with Josh and would like to perform during this service please contact Brian at NEOCH at briandavis (at) neoch (dot) org or call 216/432-0540. 

Brian Davis

Posts reflect the opinion of those who sign the entry