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One of the most important aspects of our advocacy is the images that go with it.  NEOCH has a 30 year history of taking photos, teaching a class to those living in shelters, and hosting camera friendly events like the Homeless Stand Down.  We can talk about the impact of reducing the number of shelter beds locally, but showing the children holding their bags as they move slowly down the sidewalk has a great deal of power.  Showing the elderly homeless guy living outside his "house" that he made out of milk cartons says more than we could ever do with text.  People don't read as much as in the past and may miss the meaning of an advocacy alert, but they can't forget the homeless guys standing in front of their "home" at Ward Bakery that they called Camelot with the police assault vehicle ready to evict them by force. 

We have put together a web page with all the galleries that appeared on the front of our website over the years.  These are some of the best of our photo displays or Homeless Stand Down photos.  These include our poignant photos from the Homeless Memorial or the impressive Hand Up Gala fine dining meals from the past.  This is contained under the education section of our website and is labelled photo galleries.  We will be adding to these slideshows  on this page using our 12,000 images from our history.  There are black and white galleries and artist specific galleries.  If you saw an impressive picture from the past it is most likely in one of these slide shows.  Check them out.

Brian Davis

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Remember our Facebook Page

Kim, our volunteer who created the Facebook page, has been out sick for the past month, but we have kept the page updated in her absence (Search Clevelandhomeless).  We have some nice photo albums including five photos from Cynthia Miller one of the original Grapevine photography projects.   There are also photos of our vendors in their uniforms and photos from the pancake breakfast.  We also post events that about homelessness and housing in Ohio on the Facebook page.  There are regular links to the blog posts from the website. 

We have posted new photos on the front of the NEOCH website from Cynthia including a brief bio on the about page.  We will post other artists from the Grapevine photo project over the next few months.  Remember to like us on our Facebook page when you visit. 


Posts reflect the opinion of those who sign the entry