Last Chance to Donate Before the End of 2016 Tax Year

Dear Community Advocate:
Last Chance to Donate to Housing and Homelessness to receive the 2016 Tax Benefits!
I hope that in these tough times when you gather with family or friends this holiday season that you will invest your hard earned dollars with NEOCH to continue our valuable work on providing Hope to the Homeless.
  • It was a rough year for social justice, with hundreds of families showing up seeking shelter and not able to find beds in Cleveland.   Those families are staying in a gymnasium after the City Mission stepped forward to help, but because of changes in national policy priorities, Cleveland lost 444 shelter beds in the last dozen years. 
  • It is going to be a rough year ahead with little opportunity for advocacy at the national level with all the changes in Washington. It is going to be tough to maintain the local guaranteed access to shelter in Cleveland with the huge loss in housing and homeless services expected in 2017.
  • There are only a few public policy homeless organizations left in the United States and we need groups who will get information out to the community about the rapid changes taking place in the social safety net.  
Would your family consider becoming a member of NEOCH to help support the advocacy,, the Street Card and outreach coordination?
Much of the work that NEOCH does directly benefits your community, such as:
  • Working to limit laws that specifically target homeless people.
  • Read the names of 103 people who passed away with keynote speaker Sherrod Brown.
  • Updating and circulating the Street Card (a regular one, a veteran’s edition and a family edition).
  • Marketing and expanding the affordable housing website, to assist those individuals looking for housing a place to go to find the housing.
  • Meeting with Congressional staff in the district offices and in Washington twice a year to assure that the problems faced by Clevelanders are heard in Congress. 
  • We have convened meetings with homeless people and regularly meet with County Council members and Cleveland City Council members to raise awareness of the issue of homelessness.
  • We gave away a quarter million in winter items as part of our “SocksPlus” campaign in the last year. 
The Coalition began in the mid 1980s, the last time there was such a sharp increase in family homelessness.  We need your support while as we work through this current crisis in family homelessness.   
Please consider joining NEOCH as an individual member and providing financial support, so that we can continue to work to amplify the opinions and recommendations of homeless people, and so that we can continue to bring additional resources to Cleveland and Cuyahoga County.  It is easy to donate:
  • Return a donation to 3631 Perkins Ave. #3A-3 Cleveland, Ohio 44114.
  • Click the “Donate Now” button on our website and designate “membership” or click here.
  • Donate through your employer as part of the Community Shares campaign.
  • Set up a donor advised fund with NEOCH as the designee.
This next year is going to be critical, and we need your support.  We need a strong local advocacy organization working on homelessness to assure that the interests of homeless families are heard.  Our goal, like yours, is to continue to make a difference in our community and in the lives of those experiencing homelessness in Cuyahoga County.  As partners with schools, shelters, politicians, and food programs, we can continue to work toward the much needed improvements in our community.
Brian Davis

Bogus Solicitors Spotted in Coventry

During the nice summer weather, we have seen people out claiming to solicit donations to support homeless programs.  There is a gang of women operating mostly in the eastern suburbs of Cleveland who pray upon the goodwill of shoppers and restaurant patrons by asking for donations for homeless shelters or services.  This is a scam, and none of the money goes to any of the shelters.  Only the Salvation Army bell ringers with their familiar red kettle and the Street Chronicle newspaper vendors are out on the sidewalks asking for monetary support.   The Chronicle vendors provide a newspaper to customers who then sell them on the streets for $1.25.  The vendors have a badge issued by the Coalition for the Homeless, they follow a code of conduct and they always offer a newspaper to those who give them money. 

We noticed a group of women at Walmart in Cleveland Hts and outside of Tommy’s in Coventry.  We have tried to stop these women, but the police are hesitant to respond because the victims are typically only losing spare change or at most $5 each.  The cumulative effect is that these women are stealing hundreds of dollars a day from homeless families and the charitable organizations who serve them.  Please, if you see these women, call the police or ask the store manager to have them removed from the sidewalk or doorway.  All of the charitable organizations in the County depend on the goodwill of donors to keep our doors open, and we hate to see individuals use our good name to underwrite a criminal enterprise.  Be careful, but please continue to be generous to actual non-profit organizations.

We have seen these women arrested in a couple of suburbs, but we could not convince the prosecutor in Cleveland Hts. to follow up.   They have stolen thousands of dollars over the last few years, and we get the largest number of complaints from Cleveland Hts.  DON'T GIVE TO THESE BOGUS VENDORS!!!


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