March and Walk To Protest Benefit Cuts

There is a rally and March on Saturday April 12 at Noon at the Market Square Park on West 25th and Lorain Ave. across from the West Side Market.  The group will proceed down to St. Paul's Community Church on Franklin Blvd.  This is a grass roots efforts to call attention to the austerity measures taken by the federal government.  The Protest will ask the federal elected officials to:

  • Extend unemployment insurance to the millions struggling to find jobs who lost benefits on January 1, 2014.
  • Raise the minimum wage to meet the rising cost of food and shelter in the United States.
  • Restore the cuts to the food stamps program made in August and then November 2013.

Brian Davis

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New Street Chronicle is on the Streets

Cleveland Street Chronicle Issue #21.1 is now on the streets.  The vendors are very happy because the Winter festival on West 25th St. is today.  They have new content to distribute to shoppers of the West Side Market and the businesses over on the Near West Side.  They have become a staple over there even appearing in the history book documenting the first 100 years of the institution. 

The paper has stories from many of the vendors, a nice photo spread from the Stand Down and the Homeless Memorial Day.   Cindy Miller has another in her series on rural homelessness.  There is a story about the trials that the women staying at Laura's Home are going through right now as they try to find help.  We have an interview with Cleveland Community Development guru, Norm Krumholtz talking about transportation issues.  We have two articles about the Community Women's Shelter.  We posted the list of people who died in 2013 with some experience of homelessness. 

Check it out. It is on the streets and available from a uniformed vendor for $1.25.   The vendors would appreciate your support of this microenterprise project in Cleveland.  21 years of spreading the word on the streets.

Brian Davis

Posts reflect the opinion of those who sign the entry.