NEOCH to Host a Session to Develop City Council Questions

While City Council does not do much toward ending homelessness in Cleveland, they could.  At this time, the County has taken the lead with regard to homelessness, but all the shelters are in the City of Cleveland.  In addition, 76% of the people using the shelters are previously housed and tax payers of the City of Cleveland.  NEOCH is planning to host a series of discussions with the candidates running for City Council in the four districts with the most homeless people in Cleveland.  This will focus on developing questions around homelessness for these discussions. 

We hope to have people currently experiencing homelessness as well homeless service providers attend the meeting on Tuesday August 29th to come up with potential questions.  Then after the primary when there are two candidates left, we intend to hold these discussions in a shelter or homeless service provider's site in these four Wards.  Please join us to develop the potential questions for Cleveland City Council members.

by Chris Knestrick

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