Lakeside Resident Survey published on our Website

In July 2014, NEOCH conducted a survey of the residents of 2100 Lakeside men’s shelter. We have posted the results here.  This shelter provides men with emergency shelter, mental health services, a meal, a place to shower, clothing and other services. 2100 Lakeside provides these services to about 400 men a day. Often times the 2100 Lakeside shelter has a negative reputation, but the survey really showed that most people appreciate the services.

The survey results contradicted many of the common stereotypes of the shelter. The results showed that overall the residents are pretty satisfied with the shelter. Even though a majority of the complaints where about the food, the staff and the unhygienic bathrooms, many of the residents where still thankful that they were able to eat regularly and have a place to stay. When I began to work on the survey, I was expecting to see an overwhelming negative response to the shelter based on all the stereotypes I have heard about the shelter.

When I looked at the results after I completed the survey, I was quite shocked that everyone was overall satisfied with the shelter. Many of the residents where thankful for what 2100 Lakeside has done to help them get back on their feet. From the complaints on the survey about 2100 Lakeside, we can see that even though they are getting a satisfactory review the shelter still has a lot of work to do to really bring the best service possible to the homeless population.

The survey also looks at some of the demographics of the shelter including the percentage of men who were encouraged to get involved in programs at the shelter (77%).  Only 13% of the individuals were earning income outside of the shelter who completed the survey.  And 54% of the men who completed the survey were parents.  We have posted some charts from the survey and a summary of the information on our website. For a more in depth analysis of the survey click here

by Sarah Novak

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