Lutheran Metropolitan Ministries – 2100 Lakeside Men’s Facility



In July 2014, NEOCH performed a survey of the residents at 2100 Lakeside. This all men’s shelter provides emergency shelter and food for about 400 men a day.  We surveyed approximately 200 residents. The graph below shows which community participated in the survey.  The E community is the largest and the men are only there for the evening.  VA=Veterans, I=those who are working,  G=fragile individuals who need social service assistance, Central Intake=the communities who are new residents to the shelters, and P=the guys moving to some other more stable places to live:

2100 Lakeside does have a reputation for being a rough place to stay.  This question tries to identify the things that residents would want to improve a the shelter.  

  1. Food/Food Service 76

4. Staff Disrespect--27

7. Housing--11

  1. Bathrooms 34

5. Fix the leaky roof--20

8. Hygiene/ Cleanliness 11

  1. Staff Training--29

6. Extend the TV time esp. on the weekend and when games are on.--12

9. Job Training 10

As can be seen in this chart, the 3 most common concern that residents would like to see improved include food, bathrooms and staff training. But even with these negatives the survey did have many positive comments of 2100. One of the questions we asked on our survey is: "Name three things that you like about the shelter" and we got some compliments that balance the complaints. Even though the staff of 2100 get many complaints, many of the residents are thankful for the help the staff has provided them. Specifically 41 of the residents said they were thankful for the staff. Also, 36 of the residents said they were thankful that they were able to eat regularly and to have food. Finally, 32 residents where just happy to have a place to go and to have a roof over their heads.

Overall, many of the residents have felt they have benefited from the services and programs they have received from the shelter with 138 residents saying they have benefited and 38 residents saying they  have not. The residents also believe the staff has encouraged them to participate in the shelter’s programs with 132 residents saying they have been encouraged and 38 residents saying they have not been encouraged. Also overall the residents believe the staff have helped them to become more aware of or involved with other community resources with 111 residents saying "yes" and 60 saying "no".

With regards to the satisfaction with the services I’m receiving from MAINTENANCE,

  1. extremely dissatisfied 13
  2. dissatisfied 18 
  3. sometimes satisfied 58 
  4. satisfied 71
  5. extremely satisfied 19

 With regards to the satisfaction with the services I’m receiving from the PROGRAM staff,

  1. extremely dissatisfied 5
  2. dissatisfied 11
  3. sometimes satisfied  39
  4. satisfied 80
  5. extremely satisfied 43

With regards to the satisfaction with the services I’m receiving from MONITORING STAFF,

  1. extremely dissatisfied 15
  2. dissatisfied 20
  3. sometimes satisfied 53
  4. satisfied 66
  5. extremely satisfied 21

Do you believe that you have benefited from the services and programs you have received at the shelter?  

Yes 138

 No 38

Even though the residents have benefited from the services that the shelter has provided, there is still a drastic need for more services provided to the residents. One of the questions on our survey asked what other services or programs do you want offered at the shelter? These where the results:

As we can see, the programs that most residents want help with revolve around housing.  There are 400 people who sleep at the shelter every night, and most average only around 20 days at the shelter. We must always realize the limits of this survey. This survey was only approximately half of the residents on any given night, and the response rate did not mirror the breakdown by community.  Many people do not fill out surveys or skip questions. In discussions with the residents some were hurried in responding to the survey or were afraid of retaliation even if they are anonymous. Overall though this survey provided a lot of great information to understand some of the problems that 2100 is having and the improvements that need to be made. Also this survey provided 2100 with a lot of compliments and things that they should be proud of  at the largest Shelter in Ohio. Specifically twelve of the residents said "Thank You for 2100". Overall, the shelter can use a lot of improvements in their bathrooms, food, and staff training but people are generally thankful for the help it is providing them to get back on their feet.

The most negative responses were around Food Service.  The other areas had mostly positive responses for maintenance, program staff, monitoring staff and operating staff.  We looked at both respect for the residents and knowledge of their job.  In all the areas except food, the shelter staff received more positives than negatives. The survey also looked at the volunteers who work with the residents and there was favorable responses from those surveyed.  Fewer people responded to the survey questions dealing with the partner agencies, but those also showed mostly satisfaction with the other groups like Cleveland Mediation, Frontline Services and Care Alliance that are regularly on site.

Here is how long most of the people who responded to the survey have lived at the shelter: How long have you been receiving services at the shelter?

A. 0-3 months   101

B. 4-6 months   33

C. 7-12 months 11

D. over one year 32

Another revealing question is the number of people who work outside the shelter:

Do you get paid for work outside the shelter (for more than 20 hours per week)? 

 Yes 21

 No 142

No one is allowed to bring children to the shelter, but a sizable number of the residents are parents who responded to the survey: Are you a parent?

Yes: 88

No: 74

Finally, we asked what the residents of the men's shelter in Cleveland feel is the biggest barrier to finding stable housing in Cleveland:

What are your biggest barriers to housing? (check no more than three)

Debt     30

Disability 53

Discrimination 20

Good Job 63

Criminal Background 74

Past Eviction 17

Bad Credit 44

Addictions 20

Cost of Housing 68