Pancake Breakfast a Success

The National Honor Society Members of St. Josephs Academy organized a Pancake Breakfast last Saturday to raise money for NEOCH.  These future leaders of Cleveland took a Saturday to help out homeless families in Cleveland.   They found donations of food and coffee for the breakfast.  They raised $1,250 to help us publish the Family Street Card, and continue to organize around the effort to meet the overflow demand of Moms and Kids that we know will show up at the shelters this summer.  These funds will help us staff the partnership to bring religious organizations to the table to assist MHS keep families together this summer.   We have to thank John Lesko, the NHS advisory at St. Josephs Academy, for all his help organizing this event.  We also have to thank Care Source for supporting the breakfast and providing the funds to buy the food, juice and coffee.   We especially enjoyed the enthusiastic young women out on Rocky River Blvd urging people to attend and the songs that the servers made up in between flipping pancakes.  It was a very nice event on the campus of a hidden gem in Cleveland.

Brian Davis

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