Come to Participate in Democracy on Thursday

Many governmental bodies including the County Council are not big on these pieces of legislation that urge other governments to do something.   I know that they are symbolic and don't have a lot of impact, but I like them.  It is a chance for your local elected officials to state their positions and identify what proposals they would like to see enacted, but are not in their purview to regulate.  It makes it easier for voters to know the values of their local leaders, and makes it easier to select candidates to support for higher office.  A City Council member who supports a resolution against "fracking" will have a hard time claiming they support fracking if they run for a state elected office.

Join Us May 16 at 1 p.m. at Cleveland City Hall Health and Human Services Hearing on the Second Floor

This Thursday May 16, 2013 at Cleveland City Hall there is a hearing of the Health and Human Services Committee at 1 p.m. on two resolutions if passed will push the State and Federal Government to act.   The City Council will take up the measure to urge the State of Ohio to pass Medicaid Expansion as the Governor has requested.  They will also take up a measure to support the United for Homes adjustment of the Mortgage Interest Deduction to support the National Housing Trust Fund.  This campaign is led by the National Low Income Housing Coalition and now there is a piece of legislation to support introduced by Rep. Keith Ellison (HR 1213). Both are on the agenda for Thursday.  We hope that you can come out to support both these pieces of legislation.  Show that you care about low income people who need housing and health care.

Brian Davis

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