Donations Needed this Summer

Sorry for the delay in posting items to the website, but I have been out sick for about a week.  Dorothy wanted to pass along a summer donation opportunity especially for religious organizations.  How about a summer youth project collecting hygiene kits for homeless people?   The perfect hygiene kit is a "Glad Ziploc" bag filled with trial size bathroom items.  We are looking for toothpaste, a toothbrush, trial size soap, conditioner, and maybe some lotion.  A wash cloth is always great along with a razor.  A small size deodorant and maybe a comb or a trial size package of Q-tips.  Anything else is a bonus such a fingernail clippers or lip balm or some band aids.  All of these items are welcomed by the homeless community. 

Dorothy is one of our solid volunteers with the Stand Down and the Hand Up Gala, and she does the third Saturday meal every month downtown.  She typically serves 200 people especially when it is nice weather.  She could use hygiene bags to give out to the people who stop by looking for food or companionship or spiritual direction.  If you collect hygiene bags you can always drop them at NEOCH between 9 a.m and 4 p.m. weekdays.  We will pass them onto Dorothy.  Here are a few more things we are looking for at NEOCH.

As you are probably aware, NEOCH sponsors the Homeless Congress meetings every month.  These are discussions about the larger issues that impact every homeless person in the areas of housing, shelter standards, civil rights, jobs, foreclosed properties, and health care.  Typically, we have around 30 homeless people in attendance along with guests.  Last week, staff from the Office of Homeless Services graciously attended and talked about Homeless Management Information Systems.  Anyway, to keep the meeting interesting we always try to raffle off some gifts for those who attend.  This would be another opportunity for a church or synagogue to raise support for homeless people.  Some of the items that are especially helpful include book bags, hoodies, jackets, sleeping bags, rain coats, sports memorabilia or anything that you would want to receive as a gift if you did not have a solid place to lay your head at night is great.  We will raffle these off at the next Homeless Congress in July.  Again, you can drop those donations at our office at 3631 Perkins Ave. just north of the Keybank on Chester.  Thank you in advance for all your help.  We could not serve homeless people without your help.

Brian Davis