Commentary: How Do You Survive on Disability?

How do you survive on disability?

 By D. Kindness

I am a 52-1/2 –year old disabled person and I get $640.00 a month in SSI and SSD checks. I also get a food stamp check for $200.00 a month. We have not had a raise since Obama came into office. A person cannot live a decent lifestyle on $840.00 a month. Obama bailed out the automobile businesses the minute he got into office. The President’s income is over $200,000 a year [Editor’s Note: The Presidents salary is actually $400,000], and he thinks we disabled people should be able to live on $640.00 a month. A house for rent such as a two bedroom would cost, $485.00 a month plus a security deposit that covers the whole $684.00 plus the $200.00.

I would have to borrow to pay the rest if I was not lucky enough to own my home. The mortgage is $280.00 plus insurance which is $105.00 a month plus utilities. I have been forced to use my food money to pay my bills. I’m an American, and I should not have to live like this. People always dog me to get a job. I wish I can get a job, a decent job, not no push over job. I can’t survive with a minimum wage to do maximum wage’s work. The economy is bad and the businesses can pick and choose their employees. There are 100 people for every job. 

I know also, many companies get tax breaks for hiring certain populations.  I think that this can be abused.  If a store owner don’t like that person, he would get another free employee for 6 months.

So you rich Americans stop telling me get a job. You do not know me, you don’t know my situation, so don’t dog me. My mother worked at General Electric for over 40 years before she died in 1988 of cancer. My family lost her pension due to her death. So, if I have to live on disability insurance, I should not be criticized; I am owed this.

Copyright Cleveland Street Chronicle and the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless in December 2011.