NEOCH Street Card

The 2018 Street Card hits the streets this week. This is a publication of the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless to inform people experiencing homelessness of the services in our community. This year, we give our appreciation to the Cleveland Clinic for printing the Street Card.

It is updated yearly and contains information that would assist a homeless person to find access to services in Cuyahoga County. The Street Card is a front and back piece of paper that contains only services accessible to a person currently experiencing homelessness, and so therefore those programs that require a referral are not listed.

If you would like a few copies, you may pick them up at the Coalition offices, but we do not have the funds to send out large numbers of copies. NEOCH updates all the versions of the Street Card in the summer for publication in the fall. We have a specific number available and they are currently being distributed. You may also print them from our website.

There are specific street cards from families and veterans available online are updated as changes as announced.  All version of the street card can be found below.

Furthermore, we have built an online version of the street card which can be found at

2018 Versions