Times are Tough: Turn to Potato Soup

         by Linda the Vendor

      Protocol calls for conventional wisdom, like potato soup, not the iron cast idiosyncrasies of the scientific notions along with the juxtapositions of prudence.

            In his poem “My Lost Youth,” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote:

 A boy’s will is the wind’s will, and thoughts of youth are long, long thoughts.

 Control and cruelty go so far and enough is enough:

  • As when over $900 million of our tax money will be paying for the private enterprise, Medical Mart.
  • As when vegetables and fruits are now allowed to have radiation to keep them fresh (from a foreign country).
  • As when hospitals don’t give priority care to the aged, nor the physically and mentally infirm, nor to those on narcotics.
  • As when cars get better care than the homeless and indigent.  They have heated garages for the automobiles but not for the homeless. The bridges get fixed but the poor can’t afford books or laundry money. A pair of quality shoes cost more than one automobile tire.

            The white washing propaganda is so humongous. Most is done by proxy.


                                                To have a sense of humor-

Plato was Pluto the Dog

Sartre was a Fart

Freud was a Fraud

So Haggle with Hegel

        Franklin Roosevelt got us out of the Depression. He created the New Deal. He got people jobs and helped the South. He did things.

            However, I’d much rather see the homeless running the country now than some mud-slinging politicians. Now it’s the carpetbaggers peddling pills and supplies at Medical Mart-what about American Food- made in America? Are we to eat pills like Alice in Wonderland and resort to being the Stepford Wives or Robotics because we can’t afford or have access to nutritious, disease-preventive foods?

            It is a relief to work by the West Side Market where people value wholesome meals and treats and family and friends.

            And for those who have something material to lose-it’s possible to start a business from your garage or trade skills, such as in the Trading times paper or at least get roomers or bond more with family. Also, the city halls have solutions for housing and foreclosure help, tax-help, and attorneys.

                                                             Potato Soup

            Potatoes and onions- cook in water, then drain and ad can of evaporated milk, add water, and corn starch (a little to thicken). Add pepper to taste and add cooked cabbage if desired.

             Hope you will have had the Good Luck of the Irish for the summer! And don’t forget the Irish dogs, literally. Irish Setters, Hound Dogs, Irish Wolf hounds. Dogs can be homeless too.