Politicians and People

This is the time of year
when you put on your charity coat.
A time of wonder and cheer,
but allow me to rock the boat;
In every great city of the world
Behind those beautiful department stores
The city shows a different kind of face
One that's ugly and such a disgrace
It's millions of faces without any names
Many men, women, and even children
and it's such a crying shame.
They are living out in the streets
and quickly growing old.
But surely, no one deserves to live out in the cold.
Politicians and People
Hear the cries.
Use your influence to help absorb
the tears from your eyes.
Remember that the hands of fate can soon knock on your door,
for no one knows what tomorrow has in store.

The name on the inside of your coats lapel
maybe a London Fog but any designer name will do as well.
But for those downtown singing the blues,
their coat consists of the Sun Times or the Daily News.
Day by day they weather the storm;
Hopefully, the steam from the ground will keep them warm.
And for those who are afraid of this site,
your fear is senseless, for they are too weak to fight.
This is the time of year
To put on that charity coat.
A time of wonder and cheer
but somewhere along the way, we missed the boat.
I wish you'd give something and be concerned
Something that can't be deducted on your tax return.
It's time to look in those faces without any names,
and do something to make their lives more humane.
And for those who think this problem is as far away as the moon,
it will be coming to a theater in your neighborhood real soon.
Heartless world
Hear the cries.
The next time you're in trouble and seek help above the skies.
Put one in for those who have felt fates hands.
Make a commitment to do what you can...
Politicians and People!


Copyright NEOCH and the Homeless Grapevine published January – February 1996 Issue 13