We commemorate in order to both to reward and remember. One of NEOCH's focuses is making sure homeless citizens are treated with dignity. Each year, we honor individuals in our community who have provided dignified services for homeless individuals. We also compile success stories. On a sadder note, each year we also memorialize the homeless who have passed away, working to ensure their names and stories are not forgotten.


In Memoriam

NEOCH organizes the Annual Homeless Memorial Day sometime near the first day of winter. We typically work in cooperation with a local religious organization.  We read the names of those who have passed away over the last year with a candlelight vigil and a moment to remember those individuals. To read the list of names, follow the link below.


social justice awards

Each year, NEOCH honors those that have demonstrated exemplary commitment to serving the interests homeless people. We present awards to volunteers, elected officials, city leaders, lawyers, organizers, outreach workers, service providers, and more. NEOCH deeply appreciates the efforts of those who continue to relentlessly advocate for people experiencing homelessness. Former recepients include Mayor Frank Jackson, Marcia Zashin, Gail Long, and attorney Maria Smith.


Success STories

NEOCH takes time to chronicle and document the stories of the formerly homeless. By preserving their stories, we hope to shed light on the trials and tribulations the homeless have faced and will continue to face without systemic change. Board Member Brent Stowe and NEOCH Staff Joyce Robinson volunteered their time to put this YouTube series together. We also appreciate EDEN for offering the space at Greenbridge Apartments.