Keeping the Daniel Thompson Legacy Alive

Not sure you saw this story in Scene found here:

Scene Magazing Profile of Drumplay.
Also, you can see an interview with James who has kept Drumplay alive for the past quarter century at . James does some reminiscing about meeting Daniel.  Go to the NCV website; and after the PDF loads in, scroll down to Pages 19 + 20.

Also, this week's Cool Cleveland has a mention about our fundraisers for NEOCH at:

Here is the link to the event tonight at Lakewood Public Library that NEOCH wrote up a few weeks back. Drumplay will start around 7:00 p.m.  James is urging all supporters of Daniel Thompsaon to make this event and to raise consciousness about the plight of homelessness.   Lakewood Public Library is a great supporter of Drumplay; and it is an important venue.  

All are invited to be entertained, educated and to support a worthy cause.

Brian Davis

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