Last Night


The following poem was written by Angelo Anderson and originally published in the November, 2017 issue of the Cleveland Street Chronicle.  

Last night

Last night I ate chicken wings from the garbage can on 4th street it’s a good place to find doggie bags from the restaurants on that street.  I walked over to the alley next to May Company, got in the corner and slept.

Last night I went to a tail gate party drunk and ate for free, panhandled some money, went to the hood, got high, then slept in the park until the police woke me up and told me to move along.

Last night I found a bus pass and rode the bus all night then went to St Augustine for breakfast.

Last night I hung out on public square. The food people were there and feed us soup with coffee. I went to the alley and slept.

Last night I panhandled on Play House square, made enough to smoke all night, and walked to breakfast at the church.

Last night I hung out in the flats, swept up the floor and put the chairs out for a concert, listened to the show, got paid, got high and slept in the bus shelter.

Last night I slept in the emergency room, because it was so cold out. I had to leave at 7:00am when shift changed.

Last night I went to the men’s shelter. It had 75 mats on the floor and a bath room with two sinks and two stalls. I won’t be back.

Last night I slept in a port-a-potty, maybe this will be my last night on the street. God willing it will be.