News Media About Homelessness and RNC

Three articles in Huffington Post and two from the Stranger in Seattle over the last week.  We got a nice piece on WEWS Channel 5 and one in Scene Magazine regarding the RNC and homelessness.

The Stranger Alternative Paper in Seattle

Interviews with Homeless People and West Side Catholic:

Panhandling article:

Local News Channel 5 ABC Affiliate:

Drop in Center Closed:

Huffington Post National News Outlet:

Visiting the Campsites:

Homeless Interactions with Police:

Visting Laura's Home:

Cleveland Local Alternative Paper Scene Magazine:

Intake Tightened to Get to Shelter:

KMRG Local Television station from Tulsa OK

Esquire National Magazine:

Homeless mentioned in the security plan:

Here is another story from FastCompany that we missed in the lead up to the RNC

America Magazine (National Catholic Magazine)

St. Malachi Food Window:

by Brian Davis

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