Mock Ribbon Cutting/ Groundbreaking Art Exhibit

Nathan Manthey presented his Bachelor of Fine Arts Project at Cleveland Institute of Art exhibit and celebration of his four years of college.  Nathan worked with the residents at the Community Women's Shelter to imagine a better shelter in Cleveland for women.  They talked about a smaller facility that could better serve their individual needs for those with mental health issues, health care, unemployment, or reunifying with children. The residents were looking for improved quality as well as a facility that better served their individual needs for services.  They then scouted for locations in the community--there is lots of vacant land so this is no problem.  Finally, they each prepared speeches at a possible groundbreaking then ribbon cutting.  The residents are ready should the County step forward to redesign the shelter system.  Nathan has displayed all this with video, photos and an explanation of the project.  Thanks to Loh (a resident who participated in this project) for taking the pictures and sending them to us. 

















Brian Davis

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PS: Anastasia Soboleva also had her murals displayed.  Ms. Soboleva volunteered to help the women at the shelter create art for the depressing facility for after the renovations are done to brighten the shelter.  She gave up her Saturdays and other evenings to help the women express themselves.