We Are Doing an Amazing Job of Working on Homelessness

Graph from the New York Times February 25, 2016

This graphic shows the Top 10 Most Distressed Cities in the United States as determined by the Economic Innovation Group.  Above are the factors that led to this calculation to determine the Top 10 cities in the United States.  This extraordinary that Cleveland tops the list as the most distressed city in the United States.

What is also amazing is that only 9,000 people show up for shelter in the most distressed city in America.  We estimate around 22,000 to 24,000 people are homeless over the course of a year in this city with 36% of the population living below poverty and a 2% decline in employment during the recovery years from the Great Recession.  We must be doing a great job to keep homelessness down to a manageable number and compared to other cities.  We don't have huge numbers sleeping on the streets like Detroit or Cincinnati or Newark.   We don't have the number of homeless compared to non-distressed cities like Washington DC, San Francisco or Sacramento, CA. Cleveland has to be doing something with housing and homelessness in order to keep our numbers down compared to other distressed cities and even non distressed communities or our poor people are moving to greener pastures in the South. 

Brian Davis

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