New Street Newspaper is Available in Cleveland

The new street newspaper is out and available on the streets of Cleveland.  It has the fantastic poster by Thomas Dang on the front page.  There is also an interview with our Champion of Civil Rights 2016, Sandhya Gupta, a lawyer at the Chandra Law Firm. 

Intern Katy Carpenter wrote about the historic Bell vs. City of Boise brief from the Justice Department.  This was a historic filing in a civil rights case that makes the point that if a city is not providing enough shelter how can they issue tickets to homeless people.  Katy also did a commentary about the fine work of the folks over at West Side Catholic shelter around jobs.

Denise wrote a piece about her attempts to help a family get out of homelessness and all the obstacles that were in her way.  There is a good spread of photos in the middle on the campaign to end homelessness. 

All the vendors write for the paper with stories about surviving homelessness and highlighting their medical struggles.  There are hyper-local articles about neighborhoods with the vendors live, and a couple of stories about the holidays.  Two vendors did stories about the election.  One vendor tackled the increase in the bus fare locally. 

One vendor wrote about the Soloist and there was an article about the number of sex offenders filling the shelters without a housing solution.  There are a number of poems and lots of photos of various voting events.

Pick up a copy of the paper downtown or at the West Side Market and support your local street newspaper vendor.

Brian Davis

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