Award Winners at the Campaign to End Homelessness











NEOCH kicked off the Campaign to End Homelessness with a dinner on October 19 and as part of the evening, we gave out awards.  At the top is the award for Champion of Ending Homelessness for Paul Sherlock who is pictured with Roy Love the NEOCH Board President.  Sherlock is the Board President of Metanoia and is a long time volunteer on outreach.  Below is the 2015 Ione Biggs Award winner, Dr. Marcia Zashin who is pictured speaking as she accepted the award.  Zashin was given the award for her lifetime of work protecting the rights of homeless children to a quality education.  The bottom picture is the Biggs Family with Mayor Frank Jackson who won the award in 2006.  Ione Biggs daughter, who looks exactly like her Mom, flew in from Baltimore for the dinner.  They picked the winner this year for the award this year. You can check out the history of the Ione Biggs Award here.  

The other image is Sandhya Gupta as the Civil Rights Champion for 2016 for all her work on the voting lawsuit this year.  Gupta is an associate at the Chandra Law Firm and has represented us in our lawsuit against the State of Ohio to protect legitimate voters to have their ballots counted.  We will update the entire awards section of our website in the next week.

Brian Davis

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