Campaign to End Homelessness Cleveland








The Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless had a kickoff of the Campaign to End Homelessness in an effort to meet the huge demand for shelter by families and women.  Pictured are the organizing committee enjoying the meal, Ramona setting up for the event, and Mayor Jackson meeting with the Tiffany Mitchell and family.  The group was welcomed by Mayor Frank Jackson who talked about how he sees other cities doing a horrible job of serving homeless people compared to Cleveland.  Jackson said that we have a good infrastructure, but we need to take the next step.  We heard from a family currently living in Laura's Home and from staff of the City Mission about the huge demand for help that they are seeing in the community.  We heard about the efforts to meet the demands by Natoya Walker Minor of the City of Cleveland and the City Councilman Kerry McCormack of Ohio City.  We gave out awards and thanked Thomas Dang for the poster he completed to urge people to vote.  We will have more on the campaign in the near future including the award winners.

Brian Davis

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