New Paper is Out for Sale on the Streets

New Street Chronicle is out and available at the West Side Market and in Downtown Cleveland.  It has a number of stories about the the Women's Shelter in Cleveland.  There are some really nice stories from our intern, Abby, about the North Star Center and the new West Side Catholic Jobs program.  There was a really powerful commentary from Dan about his experience as an intern in talking to the women staying at the Women's shelter.   We have a survey on the front page about "What led to Shelter?" for a number of people interviewed at two different shelters.  

Most of our vendors put something in the paper about their own life including one interesting piece asking why the Rock Hall does not embrace the vendors?   We have published a poem from a women daydreaming outside the Women's Shelter and a couple of first person accounts of women living inside the shelter.  There is a photo display of the destruction of Camelot and the new police station located on that site.  It is a really nice issue for content. 

Brian Davis

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