How to Make the Grocery Bag Sleeping Mats

Grocery Bag Sleeping Mat

Dimensions: 32-36 inches by 72 inches


  • 10mm crotchet hook (P Size), or larger
  • Scissors
  • 500-700 Grocery bags
  • 4 Hefty refuse liner black bags, 45 gal. size


  1. Cut off handles and holding tabs of grocery bag
  2. Cut off the bottom seam
  • You are now left with a square
  1. Cut from side-to-side into 4 equal parts
  2. Take 2 Loop circular pieces and knot them together to create your plastic yarn
  3. Continue knotting rest of the pieces together
  4. Crotchet your plastic yarn into a mat


  • Make sure loops are even
  • One single crotchet stitch
  • Crotchet in the back loop of the stitch when you turn over. It makes them a little more comfortable I think. It gives them that ridge which might keep out the dampness better.
  • Not all 500-700 bags need to be cut at one time, it can be done in sections.  Cutting the bags takes the most time, and can be done as a team.

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by Dan the Intern

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