Norman Wolfe: Advocate of the Year 2014

Norman Wolfe is a former member of the NEOCH Board and current member of the Homeless Congress.  He volunteers with NOBLE working on the Ohio State budget issues and their impact of those decisions on homelessness and those living in poverty.   Wolfe is a veteran of the US Navy and had previous experience with homelessness.  One of the most important programs of the Coalition that Wolfe worked to restart was the Resident Council at 2100 Lakeside.  He felt that this empowered the men at the shelter to confront senior staff about problems and work on resolution of those issues.

Wolfe pushed for the Resident Council to give residents a chance to voice their frustrations and not face the possibility of retaliation.  The meetings focus on solutions to improve the conditions within the shelter, and staff respond in writing to the concerns.  The resident council has resulted in improved training, staff changes and better movement throughout the shelter.  Wolfe has led a community discussion about the budget earlier this year and led protests, meetings and visits to the Statehouse with Organize!Ohio in 2014 for the struggle to expand Medicaid in Ohio. 

Norman was gracious about winning the Advocate of the Year award.  He said that it was unexpected, and he was honored to be selected.  He talked about the work he has done over the last year and he thanked all those from Organize!Ohio for coming out to support him.

Brian Davis

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