Community West Announces Socks Plus Campaign

The Community West Foundation announced their campaign to provide winter socks and boots to homeless people in Cleveland Ohio.  They have produced a nice video with Carl Cook, Tim Walters and Anita Brenan over at St. Malachi.  They have started promoting the campaign on social networking sites, and are producing a public service announcement.  They give very specific items that we are looking to collect this winter, and we have begun filling the orders.  We have purchased the first group of backpacks, boots, socks, long underwear, and gloves, and will begin distributing them. 

This was a good day to remind everyone of the needs homeless people face this winter.  There are thousands of donations to nearly every social service provider in November and December around the holidays.  Then there is this massive effort to provide clothing and services around the Homeless Stand Down.  Now, through March are when people often forget about donating items to homeless people.  We have a list of the items we are collecting here.  Those items, especially socks and boots, that we cannot get donated, Community West has agreed to seek funding to fulfill our needs.  We have taken the sizes of people in need, and are beginning to give them out to people. 

Many of the outreach workers will have access to the donations.  They will record the individual's name and location and give that back to us to track where people are staying.  We will use the donations as a first step to building a trusting relationship.  We will work throughout the rest of the winter and the showers in the Spring to keep people safe with the help of the Socks Plus Campaign.

Brian Davis

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