Time is Running Out to Donate for Auction

Time is running out to donate to NEOCH and Participate in the Auction!!

Thanks to those who have already donated.  We appreciate your kindness.

As we close out 2015, there is still time to donate to NEOCH as part of our 2016 Annual Appeal in order to participate in our auction.  We have under “Member Deal of the Month” announced an auction for anyone donating $50 to the membership campaign.  We just received 4 tickets to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo added as an additional auction item.  Your donations have been hard at work over the holidays as NEOCH staff are busy with our advocacy, public policy work, collecting SocksPlus donations and giving them out to homeless people.  /member-deal-of-the-month/  We are doing regular updates of our website and we coordinated the most heart-wrenching part of our job the Homeless Memorial Day.  We read the names of 68 people who passed away over the last year who were homeless in Cleveland. 

In November and December, we collected $48,000 in socks, hygiene kits, backpacks, sleeping bags and other winter items that we are distributing right now.  We have purchased another $15,000 in boots, hand warmers, hoodies, and housing assistance.  If you have not donated, we are collecting donations throughout the winter here is a page on the items we collect:  /blankets-and-donations/

Our core operation is our advocacy and forwarding solutions to homelessness.  We are working on providing an improved shelter system in Cleveland and assuring that families do not fall through the cracks.  We are working to stop municipal targeting of homeless people and assure that homeless people will have their vote count in 2016.  We regularly update our public policy work in the Cleveland Homeless Blog here: /cleveland-homeless-blog/ We regularly update our Twitter feed at clevhomeless on a daily basis. 

We are only as strong as our membership.  We need your support to show bureaucrats and elected officials that we have a healthy base of individuals, homeless and formerly homeless people backing our advocacy.  Please donate today to take advantage of the 2015 tax benefits.

Brian Davis

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