Posted the Names of Those Who Passed Away

We have posted the 69 names of people we read at the Memorial and the woman who passed away at the shelter last Monday night.  Here is a list of the names for 2015.  We also have a page dedicated to all the lists of names separated by year here

We had over 120 people attend the service.  We thank Dee Perry for hosting the event and lending her golden voice to reading the names.  We had Councilman Zack Reed attend the event to say a few words as one of the elected representatives who has the responsibility of preserving and expanding affordable housing in Cleveland.  The volunteers over at St. Malachi were busy preparing their Christmas meal at 6 p.m. on December 21 as part of one of the oldest meal programs in the City.

There were two individuals who offered a prayer for those who passed. Fr. Tony from St. Malachi as the host congregation and Deacon Larry Davis of the NEOCH Board offered a few words of from their own faith traditions.  I gave a few thoughts on the previous year in homelessness and seeing more people on the streets, more women at the Community Women's shelter and fewer beds available in Cleveland.  I talked about the Pope's visit to America and his call to serve the least among us. 

Finally, we gave a small token of appreciation to Chip Joseph who is retiring this year as director of Y-Haven.  Chip was also one of the first directors of the Cosgrove Center 20 years ago.  We will miss his advocacy for transitional programs and services for those with an addiction.

Brian Davis

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