New Street Chronicle Available for Sale

The new issue of the Street Chronicle (Issue #21.2) is out on the streets right now and being sold mostly at the West Side Market and downtown.   This is a really nice paper with some really good content.  Thanks to Brent for putting it together, and thanks to the many volunteers who wrote for the paper.  Cindy Miller, one of our former photography students submitted a couple of great images that are included in the paper pictured above.  We have an in depth look at the rights of transgender individuals in using the shelter by Anne Nickoloff.  There is a spotlight of Eileen Kelly and the ID collaborative and Norman wrote two articles about outreach and an entitlement demonstration in March. 

There is a local news updates and a number of stories written by the vendors including a rememberance of a previous vendor, Randy, who died. Cindy along with submitting fantastic photos gave an account of how a small town dealt with the cold weather.  Simona gave an account of going from homelessness to finding housing this year in her article.  Check out the paper which is still only $1.25 with the profits from the paper going to the vendors.  Not only do they write for the paper, but they then sell their words on the streets of Cleveland.  Check out the poetry by Daniel Thompson in this issue.

Brian Davis

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