Hate Crimes Over the Weekend

The Homeless Stroller Lady is famous in Cleveland.  You have probably seen her on a bus or walking around downtown, and some have even called the police worried that she has a baby in the stroller (she does not).   This weekend her campsite and two others were attacked in the Flats.  There were three or four tents set on fire over the weekend.  This is a terrifying prospect with all those flamable blankets lining the tents. 

The Stroller Lady had gone to the president of a local construction company and received written permission to take scrap wood from the construction site for her campsite.  This only made her campsite even more flamable.  We are working with city officials to better protect these individuals as we look for appropriate housing for them.  We hope to set up a meeting between the police or fire department and these individuals to increase patrols and get information about an investigation into this hate crime. 

Brian Davis

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