2015 Membership Campaign Starts Now

NEOCH has sent out its letters asking for your support for the upcoming year.  NEOCH is a membership organization in Cleveland, and we measure our success based on the number of members attracted to the organization.  We are able to go to politicians and say that we represent a membership base and we register homeless people to vote, so you need to listen to us.   We participate in lawsuits based on our membership base which includes individuals, homeless people and organizations.  We do not release our individual members names, but we set goals for overall numbers. 

As a member, we will provide invitations to special events, a periodic newsletter, and access to the member section of our website.  Membership funds are not targeted to one specific project, but can pay for flyers for the Homeless Memorial Day or letters to invite elected officials to Homeless Congress meetings.   We sent out a bumper sticker to many of those who we solicited.   We also provided a look at some of the successes for 2014 in our annual letter. 

  • We provide resources like the HousingCleveland.org website and the Homeless Street Card, a list of services for homeless people, to thousands of people to help them out of homelessness.
  • We work with 35 regular volunteers to staff our legal clinics, publish a newspaper as an alternative to panhandling and collect thousands of blankets to distribute to those outside. This cuts down on the need to hire staff and spend money on administration.
  • Together with Community West Foundation, we have helped coordinate services between religious and student groups and professional outreach workers to build relationships with homeless people outside of the shelter system.  We have hired a liaison to build bridges and communication between those serving food and ministering to those outside and connect them with the housing and health care resources they need. 
  • We worked with the City Mission to protect women and children at Laura’s Home from government overreaching that prevented them from accessing public resources because they went to a religiously-based shelter rather than be assigned a shelter by Central Intake.

You can donate to NEOCH through out website here.

You can donate through your employee payroll deduction program through Community Shares.

Or you can send your donation into NEOCH at 3631 Perkins Ave. #3A-3, Cleveland, Ohio 44114 --Put "membership" in the memo section.

Brian Davis

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